Download IBM SPSS Statistics v25.0 x86 / x64 – Advanced statistical analysis software

IBM SPSS Statistics is a computer software used for statistical analysis. SPSS stands for the Science Statistical Package for the Social meaning of the statistical package for the social sciences. After the IBM software company purchased this July 28, 2009, the software called PASW, the abbreviation for Predictive Analytics SoftWare, was released. But in version 19, it re-named SPSS Statistics.
SPSS is one of the most widely used software for statistical analysis in the social sciences. This software is used by market and trade researchers, health researchers, mapping companies, government agencies, educational researchers , marketing organizations, and more. In addition to statistical analyses, data management and documentation data is also a feature of the software.

In the analysis of data using this software, you must go through three basic steps: First, enter raw data and save them in a file. Next, you need to select the analysis you need. In the third step, check the hormone.

AMOS AMOS software is one of the most suitable statistical software for analyzing the data of the management and humanities thesis. The AMOS statistical analysis software is used for calculating factor analysis and structural equation modeling. The output of the Emu software is graphically and therefore facilitates the comprehension of the article.

Key features of IBM SPSS Statistics:

  • Includes descriptive statistics: raster tabulation, frequency, descriptive, exploratory, relative descriptive statistics 
  • bipartite statistics: moderate, t test, distribution analysis, correlation, nonparametric tests
  • prediction of numerical results: linear return 
  • prediction for group detection: factor analysis, cluster analysis, separator