Download Actual Window Manager v8.12

Fully-Functional Desktop Environment for Multiple Monitors
Using Actual Window Manager, you will have a fully-functional taskbar for each monitor and many other features to improve the multiple monitors’ desktop environment.

  • Fully-functional taskbar for each display
  • Desktop Background and Screen Saver management
  • Additional mouse features for multiple monitors management
  • Desktop profiles

Virtual Desktops for Effective Work

If you have a lack of workspace on the desktop, use virtual desktops included in Actual Window Manager. This tool allows you to create the desired number on virtual desktops and increase your workspace.

  • Unlimited number of additional desktops
  • Each virtual desktop is individual and fully-functional
  • Two modes of multiple monitor support: Classic and Independent

Configure Each Window Individually
Configure your OS as you wish. With Actual Window Manager, you can set many parameters for each window individually.

  • Set startup mode and position
  • Set window priority.
  • Ignore deactivation

New Title Buttons for Improving Each Window

  • Many additional title buttons available to you with Actual Window Manager:
  • Minimize to the system tray
  • Move to the next monitor
  • Always on top
  • Resize a window

Multi-Monitor Wallpaper
Using Actual Window Manager, you can set up any kind of Desktop’s background on multiple displays:

  • Single picture stretched over the entire desktop
  • Individual picture on each monitor
  • Individual slideshow running separately on each monitor
  • Web slideshow from Google Image Search or Flickr
  • Flexible picture positioning (center, tile, stretch, proportional stretch, crop to fit)

Desktop Mirroring
Mirroring is a special function that allows observing a certain window, monitor or a custom part of desktop in a separate window on another monitor. It can be useful in various specific situations:

  • you need to clone the primary displays to two or more additional monitors
  • you need to control what happens on another display but it’s out of your sight (monitor turned to a client, TV in another room, etc.)
  • when you give a report or presentation, you can work with materials on your main display, mirroring its necessary part only onto the projector for your listeners

Multi-Monitor Gaming

Gamers will appreciate several features of Actual Window Manager that were developed specifically for enhancing multi-monitor gaming experience, making it more attractive and convenient:

  • Ignore Deactivation – prevents the game from being minimized when you switch to another application
  • Lock Mouse – locks the mouse pointer in a specific window or monitor preventing it from leaving a game