Download Adobe After Effects CC 2018 v15.0.0.180 x64

Adobe After Effects CC is a new version of the special effects giant recently released by Adobe. In the new series, the software also uses 4-D effects. Sharing the project between multiple computers and easy access to shared files is another feature of Adobe After Effects CC. Using the Edge tool in this application keeps more details when removing background elements. The VFX tool is used for photo stabilization and accurate photo editing. When editing a movieYou can change the way the camera is displayed and manage the project in different ways. In this application, if you close the project by mistake, the content of the editing file will remain constant while the software is opened. The more famous CC effect is because of the CineWare plugin, because it uses this plugin to effect the whole project used in cinema 4d software and performs the necessary work on the project. Just to work with this plug-in should have a good system so that we can see the high-quality project in the next-generation effects simultaneously with the work. After Effect CineWare is a layer that you can enter into a project.

Key features of the software Adobe After Effects CC:

  • – the Mac is to use files from three other software 
  • – Refine Edge tool 
  • – Warp Stabilizer with new features 
  • – camera tracking with the new ones 
  • – Optimized system cache performance 
  • – optimization and acceleration Function 
  • – New Pixel Crystal Motion System 
  • – Text and shape layers in two-dimensional and three-dimensional 
  • – Essential companion software 
  • – Accurate and deep color 
  • – Motion control tool 
  • – New interface 
  • – Preset animation stations 
  • – Frame support Accurate audio 
  • – Supports various media types 

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