Download Typing Master Pro v10.1.1.849

Although it has been a long time since the DOS operating system has been dying and typing, we’ve migrated to the Windows , Linux, or Macintosh graphics environment , and it’s easy to do our homework with the mouse. But the advent of the Internet and writing on the blog and computer presence in almost all aspects of our lives has multiplied the role of the typing instead of reducing it. So let’s learn how to get the right typing and get the pleasure of your computer as soon as possible. Now, with a handy software guide that provides a lot of assistance to us, we can take the time factor much faster than usual.

Key features of the TypingMaster Pro software:
– Optimize the duration of the activity
– Define a specific target and level for the user
– Provide detailed and useful tips instantly in the software environment
– Learn how to use the entire keyboard, even the symbols and Numpad
– Multi-disciplinary design in a variety of environments
– View your progress percentage and compare with the standard sample
– Professional typing versus the first world levels and get your complete report of performance
– Support for a high user level
– Ability to create reports from all users
– Add, remove, and edit users by lecturer
– Ability to save Used words and insert them 

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