Download IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2017

IntelliJ IDEA is a reliable software solution focused on developers’ productivity and efficiency. It provides you with a comprehensive set of tools and integration with the most modern technologies and frameworks including Java, Scala, Groovy or other programming languages.
Since it is developed as a straightforward Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA does provide support for web, enterprise and mobile frameworks and code support for all supported languages ​​and frameworks.

IntelliJ IDEA comes with useful tools, including UML Designer, SQL Editor, or Bug Tracker Integration, which make development more productive.

The main window is user-friendly and displays the default navigation toolbar section and the section ‘Project view’ that allows you to view all available files. Since you do not have other perspectives like other IDEs (for example Eclipse), you do not need to switch between different workspace layouts to perform various tasks. It brings up the corresponding tools automatically and the actions remain the same all the time.

The Project section that can be accessed from the left panel of the application displays all the available components and libraries that help you develop various applications. However, since some files are generated automatically such as modules.xml or compiler.xml, you must be aware that by deleting them, the application will not be able to properly run your scripts.

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