Download UFS Explorer professional x64 [full version]

SysDev Laboratories is one of the world leaders in Data Organization and Data Recovery researches. Our highly-skilled professionals have developed a group of products titled UFS Explorer software that fully meet industry standard and provide best data access and data recovery solutions for our customers.

UFS Explorer software are designed for logical data recovery from a vast variety of devices and file systems. Over the years of successful work in software development the company has accumulated considerable experience in analysis of data storage systems of any complexity. UFS Explorer products comprise data recovery algorithms that substantially take account of data distribution on different file systems. Due to unique data recovery techniques such as high grade of storage specifics accounting and IntelliRAW the software allows to achieve maximum possible recovery result from most data loss cases.

Ongoing developments in Data Organization and Data Recovery allow us to constantly improve our products. We made our software highly efficient and productive considering convenience and ease of use.

UFS Explorer software are designed in a way to meet most challenging requirements of our customers. Embracing all required data recovery techniques these software will recover lost data from a great variety of data storage systems – from portable devices to complex RAID-systems and virtual machines. UFS Explorer provide support and access to miscellaneous operating systems. At the same time, as a respond to abundant market supply of operating systems there are editions for Windows, Linux, MacOS and BSD. The programs will operate both in desktop and mobile, distributed and centralized as well as in virtual environments. The utilities are intended to produce remarkable recovery performance for data loss cases of any complexity – from simple file deletion by user to data recovery after complete destruction of a file system.

Along with high performance qualities UFS Explorer software combine convenience and ease of use. Their interactive user-friendly interface can be easily operated even by non-technical users. Working with the program doesn’t require any prior technical skills. UFS Explorer will be a perfect solution when recovery result and time efficiency are in question.