Download Take Ownership and edit any windows file

The owner of a file or folder in Windows is the one that decides who can and who is not allowed to access that resource, also being able to change permissions and lock out non-administrator users of the directory or file.

Taking ownership of a file is not easy, but requires many steps to be completed. TakeOwnershipPro is an application that provides a much more easy and straightforward method to become the owner of a resource in Windows, without a lot of effort.

Take ownership via the context menu

To ease your work, TakeOwnershipPro features shell integration, which means it automatically adds a new item in the context menu of Windows, so that you can easily open it.

With the help of this lightweight application, a user can easily take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows by simply selecting the designated option in its right-click menu. However, please note that the user must either have the ‘Take Ownership’ permission or be an administrator or a backup operator for the operation to be successful.

Become the file owner with a button’s push

The interface of TakeOwnershipPro is as simple as it gets: it only comprises a field where the location of the file is displayed. To ease your work even more, the application enables you to drag and drop files or directories to this field.

If you want to take ownership of a folder, TakeOwnershipPro can be instructed to perform the same operation with all the subfolders and containing files. The task is initiated with the click of a button and TakeOwnershipPro displays a notification message once it is completed.

Effortlessly take ownership of a file or folder

TakeOwnershipPro provides a user-friendly alternative to manually changing the owner of a file or folder, either in Windows Explorer or using the command console. Unfortunately, it does not include options to assign ownership to other users, which would really add to its value.